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4 Steps to Getting Your Business Ready For 2016

4 Steps to Getting Your Business Ready For 2016

4 Steps to Getting Your Business Ready For 2016

2015 is coming to an end and that doesn’t just mean ‘a new year a new you.’ It also means a new year and a new business plan! Chicago is jam-packed with businesses small and large, unique and plain; therefore, when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, your need to have a plan ready to go that will allow your business to stand out from the thousands of others is paramount.


Step 1: Update Your Website and Social Channels

Something simple that you could implement is updating your website and social media channels with a fresh new look. Change your profile picture, update your ‘about’ section, make sure that all your links are still active and delete the ones that are no longer relevant. I’m not talking about a total brand redesign, just freshen up your business’s look. Oh, and stay consistent across all your social media channels. If you update your Facebook picture and bio, you need to do the same for your Twitter, Google +, or any other social networking site your business uses.


Step 2: Review and Update Keywords

One of the most important things you could do to get your business ready for 2016 is review your keywords and optimize your website! The hierarchy of search engine optimization is constantly changing, so do your best to stay relevant and optimize your website according to the most current trends of optimization. Use Google Analytics to find some keywords that are unique to your business and create a handful of blog posts and content centered around said keywords. Driving more traffic to your website should be a New Year’s resolution for your business, and optimizing your website and blog is the key.  


Step 3: Clean Up and Organize

My next bit of advice is clean out your closet. Your business’s email folder is probably stuffed to the brim with conversations that you’ll never need. Sort through your company email inbox and get rid of all the junk. I can’t stress enough how rewarding this process can be. Empty out the nonsense that you’ll never need, organize the emails and contacts that your business will need, and create a fresh start for your business email so that 2016 is all about new beginnings and future progress. You can use Unroll.me to mass-unsubscribe from all the pesky email blasts that are weighing you down.


Step 4: Stop Doing What You Hate

Last, but certainly not least, is figuring out what you DON’T enjoy about your business. Make a plan to do what you want to do because you enjoy the work, and outsource all the pesky responsibilities that you do not genuinely care about. Completing tasks quickly just to get them over with will not help your business prosper! Outsource those tasks to people who LOVE to do that work, and spend time on the rewarding aspects of your business.


For instance, if digital marketing isn’t your thing, Suit Social has just developed a new service called Insourcing Academy ( http://insourceyourmarketing.com/ ), which allows you to turn enty-level employees into high performing in-house marketers so that you don’t have to!


Now that you’ve got some ideas, go fourth, business-owners, and make 2016 your biggest year yet! We’ll be right behind ya!



Chris Brodhead

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