Six Important SEO Tips For Your Website

Six Important SEO Tips For Your Website

Search Engine Optimization.  Three very important words in today’s busy online society! Why is this? Because obtaining traffic and maximizing the amount of traffic to your website is essential if you want to make a splash and gain attention to your business. How do you make a splash and gain attention?  Well, we here at Suit Social Media have the answers!

Below are six quick and relevant tips that will help you understand how to increase traffic to your website and ensure that your website will pop up on search engines.

  • Mention Keywords

Having specific keywords that describe what your business is selling makes gaining traffic easier because most potential customers type in one word and you want your business to be the one that comes into view on their search engine.

Now, having a keyword is important but placing those keywords in the proper places helps seal the deal!  Place your keywords in the site title of your website, taglines, descriptions, page content, and page titles.  Even mention keywords in your businesses blogs to gain attention.

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  1. Focus your website on one thing

Focusing your site on one thing ties very closely with placing and having the right keywords.  Choosing one thing that your site is about will help narrow down confusion and bring attention.  You may have more than one thing on your site to sell or provide, but one specific topic is key.  

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  1.  Remove the things that are slowing down your site

Quick load time is essential for your page.  Many people today get turned off by a site if the site loads too slowly and that is a recipe for disaster.  Without traffic, there is no attention! Some things like music players, unnecessary plugins, large images, or flash graphics can slow down your site so be careful if you have those items.

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  1. Update regularly

Having an updated website can really turn heads and make your website a site that people enjoy visiting.  Also, it lets those who visit your site know that you are dedicated to your business and that you are current with the times.

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  1. Stick with your domain name

Reaching high search ranks means having some age to your domain name.  If you change your domain name often you won’t get much traffic to your site.  Take a breather and be patient!  Time will give you recognition.

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  1. Have other websites linked to your site

This is a very important step when it comes to obtaining high ranked SEO.  If you have great and creative content, never be afraid to ask another business if you can hitch a ride and have your link on their site.  

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I hope these six tips have helped you on your journey to increasing business for your company and maximizing SEO!  If you need any help on your journey, Suit Social Media has your back!  
You can contact us at (727) 410-6290!

Chris Brodhead

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