5 Social Media Trends Taking Over 2016

5 Social Media Trends Taking Over 2016

Social media is a rapidly growing space. Staying on top of the latest trends and utilizing them in your businesses’ marketing plan will put you in the “know” and give you a competitive advantage over other marketers. So what trends are dominating social media in 2016?

Increased Social Ad Spend

By 2017, Social Media Advertising Will Generate Over $11 Million in Revenue (32)

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn have all invested heavily in their advertising platforms in the last year. With new features offering more ways for brands to connect with larger audiences, the sophistication of these ad platforms will see social media take up a larger chunk of advertising spend. By 2017, social network ad spending will reach close to $36 BILLION worldwide, representing 16% of digital ad spending globally, and brands will see over $11 BILLION in revenue as a result.

Increased Use of Video as Content

By 2017, Social Media Advertising Will Generate Over $11 Million in Revenue (1)

The online video revolution is upon us! Just last year alone Facebook gave advertisers the option to buy video ads, Twitter launched autoplay videos for our feed, and video marketing was more effective for generating brand awareness, lead generation, and online engagement than any other form of content marketing. Online video accounted for 50% of mobile traffic in 2015 and will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. 69% of marketing and business professionals have already used video as marketing and another 30% say they plan to in the very near future. 93% of marketers use video for online marketing, communication, and sales while 96% of B2B companies are already planning to use video in 2016. Live streaming video will be BIG in 2016.

Mobile Comes First

By 2017, Social Media Advertising Will Generate Over $11 Million in Revenue (2)

Everyone is constantly staring at their cell phones and other smart devices, we don’t need to tell you that. However, what you do need to know is that as marketers, mobile devices—especially smartphones, tablets and smartwatches—should be a big part of your focus this year. This is crucial if you’re targeting millennials, of which 87% admitted to never being without their smartphone. Mobile was once considered a bonus for marketers, but has quickly become a necessity. That’s why in 2016 mobile should be the first thing on your mind when running a digital marketing campaign, because like we said, everyone is constantly staring at their smart devices. Capitalize on this trend!

Mobile Messaging Apps Will Be Integrated Into Brand Social Media Strategies

By 2017, Social Media Advertising Will Generate Over $11 Million in Revenue (3)

With over 2.6 billion smartphone users worldwide, the rise of mobile messaging apps (i.e., WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger), is at an all time high. According to eMarketer, approximately 1.4 billion people were expected to use mobile messaging apps in 2015, a 31.6% increase from 2014. It’s going to be even more important that businesses integrate them into their social media strategy in 2016. Brands are using mobile messaging apps to communicate with consumers on a more personal level than direct social communication offers. Putting your resources into reaching customers through a place like Facebook Messenger and Twitter is a smart way to bring your brand experience to life, and also develop personality.

All Things Optimized

By 2017, Social Media Advertising Will Generate Over $11 Million in Revenue (4)

One thing is certain: content is still king. The mediums might be changing but the competition for visibility has never been greater. With more businesses building out their content strategies and the rising advertising costs, optimizing your organic content is at its highest demand. Although social media doesn’t directly influence your search ranking, greater social signals (such as people sharing your content and driving more traffic to your website) can help you rank higher in the SEO chain. This is so important because 33% of traffic from Google’s organic search results go to the first item listed. Not only that, but Google has already made deals with Facebook and Twitter for search, therefore in 2016 we’ll see more platforms added to the index, further blurring the line between Web and social media.


Just optimizing your organic content won’t cut it in 2016; you need to optimize ALL content. That means everything from post comments and reviews to photos and links. Today 88% of consumers are influenced by reviews and online comments, and they’re turning to these platforms for just that. Searching on Facebook can now turn up public posts, so make sure that yours include relevant keywords and take advantage of hashtags.

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Chris Brodhead

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