How Optimizing Photos on Social Media Tripled My Post Reach

How Optimizing Photos on Social Media Tripled My Post Reach

5 hacks for optimizing your pictures on social media

Most social networks are so user friendly, you’d think posting any ol’ photo would give you the same level of reach and engagement as any other photo, right? Oh my gosh no!  


As a content creator myself I was always curious why certain posts received significantly higher reach percentages than others. I was managing a 13,000+ Client Fan Page and noticed that some posts would say “245 people reached” when others would say “5,850 people reached.” Since my client’s page has a 13,000+ following, why weren’t all my posts reaching the thousands? And that’s when I learned the key to valuable  content creation: Optimizing Photos!


Here’s a few tricks I learned that made my average post reach shoot from a measly 22% of my client’s fan base to over 66%.


  1. Learn the proper dimensions


The big names in social media like Facebook and Twitter use algorithms that control how frequently each post will appear in their newsfeeds. This algorithm places a much higher rate of recurrence on posts with photos or videos that are optimized to the correct dimensions, while unoptimized posts are considered to contain errors and thus return much lower rates of organic reach. Learn the most up-to-date photo dimensions for every social network and get optimizing! Social networks frequently change their photo dimension format requirements, so make sure to double check often so that you aren’t using an outdated format.  


  1. Use link thumbnails

Another way to receive higher levels of reach and engagement, especially on Facebook, is by posting links with optimized photo thumbnails. Not only will your posts see a higher recurrence in your fans newsfeed, but you will also be driving traffic to your website. This method is by far my favorite, if done correctly. Optimizing your photos for link thumbnails is incredibly important, therefore it’s equally important that you NEVER post a link with an unoptimized thumbnail. The two biggest reasons why are, 1) unoptimized link thumbnails are the most obvious to the human eye (seriously, they look unprofessional) and 2) unoptimized thumbnails will grant you an even LOWER level of reach than posts that contain an unoptimized image with no link. You can find the proper dimensions here.


  1. Find a photo editor that works for you

The best means for optimizing photos and manipulating image dimensions is Photoshop; Adobe Illustrator does the job just as well. However, not everyone can afford the Adobe Creative Cloud. Don’t fear! It’s 2016 and the internet has once again blessed us with a cheaper way to optimize photos. If you are only interesting in optimizing your photos to social network dimensions and not creating graphic images of your own then you can use Canva or Fotor for free. These online photo editing softwares are extremely easy to use so optimization is only a click away.


  1. Test your content with scheduling

A great way to make sure your posts look spotless before publishing is to schedule them and review how they look! Facebook allows businesses, brands, and musician pages to schedule posts directly from the status toolbar. Next to the “Publish” button should be a down arrow – once you click the down arrow it will give you the option to “schedule,” “backdate” or “save as draft” your post.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 12.28.22 PM

Once your post is scheduled you can review how it will appear when it is published by clicking on “scheduled posts” and reviewing it. You can also edit the post without needing to delete it entirely. For all the other social networks there are literally hundreds of social media management tool platforms you can use to schedule posts, most of which are free or very inexpensive. My goto scheduling platform is Hootsuite, but you can get a rundown of all the best scheduling tools available online here.


  1. Track your posts .

Since well-performing content marketing is a MUST for any business nowadays, social networks make it incredibly easy to research and track the success rate of all content posted. Tracking how your well content performs will give you insight on which types of posts give you the highest return on engagement and reach. Most social networks have metric tracking analytic tools already enabled, making it easy for any admin to check their page’s performance. For more in-depth metrics, here are 19 free online analytic tools that you could download. Measuring your post success-rate will help you better optimize your posts and avoid the content that sees little return.


Now that you know a little bit about how to optimize your social media presence, try it out yourself! Publish a completely optimized post and compare it to an old, unoptimized post using your analytics tools. We guarantee the results will be stunning! If you want to receive an even greater return, let’s chat about how we could help you up your social media game even more 🙂

Chris Brodhead

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