3 Ways to Build a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign in 2016

3 Ways to Build a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign in 2016

We here at Suit Social are fully aware that 2016 is a fantastic year to set up a successful digital marketing campaign.  A successful digital marketing campaign can bring in a large amount of attention to your business.  We Suits find it very fulfilling to educate the masses on how to bring in that attention.  I am going to go through 3 ways to help you and your business set up a great campaign and keep that campaign consistent.


Regardless of the channels that are used, such as email, the web, online chat rooms, mobile devices, or even physical locations, consumer want to see organization and engaging material that stretches and maintains the same message throughout the channels.

Design the channels that you will create to have consistent colors, fonts, taglines, email marketing lists, and features so that when a consumer visits your site, social media page, or even location of your business they will not be turned off by how random and unorganized your brand looks.  This organization of your channel sets you up to learn and understand our second step.

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  1. Welcome Personalization

Many consumers love consistency so making sure not just your channels but your website ads and promotions are steady will bring in more customers. When consumers browse through the internet it is very important for the ads of your business to be relevant or the consumer will just pass over your them because they have no real interest or understanding of your brand.  Using Baynote is a good way to track and find consumers who have clicked or been to sites that are applicable with your brand.  

Having your action plan figured out can really push your business up!

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  1. Implement Evolutionary Design

Many business owners that have websites are starting to realize that waiting a year to change their website design is not the best choice anymore. Business owners have started changing up their sites every few months or so to gain attention from new and old customers.  Now, I know this may seem like a difficult task because you may not have the time to constantly update your site every few months, but if you decide to take the time to understand what your consumer interests are and what they may or will be you can stay ahead of the game!  

Be careful when updating your site though!  You want your site to be relevant and support your consumers.  You can be at risk of losing customers if you aren’t careful!

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Chris Brodhead

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