5 Tips To Help You Protect Yourself When Social Networking

5 Tips To Help You Protect Yourself When Social Networking

Using social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, is all about sharing a part of yourself for others to see, but this sharing comes with the risks of spammers, hackers, identity thieves, and other internet criminals that would love to take your information and use if for their own gain.  It is always important to know how to protect yourself so the risks mentioned above don’t come knocking at your door.

Below are 5 tips to keep yourself safe!

  1. Know what you’ve posted about yourself

Knowing what you’ve posted about yourself helps you stay on top of any information that may be leaked out of your profile.  Many identity thieves are cunning and know how to use the “Forgot Your Password?” link to swoop in and gain access to your account.  They sweep through your profile and find out any little thing that could answer your security questions so it is wise to make sure you make those questions very difficult and don’t post much about anything that could lead to an answer.

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  1. Don’t allow social sites to scan your e-mail address books

I’m sure all of us have gone through the process of signing up to a new social site and having that site ask if it can get permission to use the contacts in your address book.  It is wise to say no when asked to share because you never know if more than just that information will be leaked.  Also, sharing that information may make those in your address book targets to spammers or other risks.

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  1. Be smart!  Know that some e-mails and messages may not be from whom it says it’s from

As mentioned before identity thieves and hackers are cunning and know how to trick people into believing that a message is from a friend, but really it’s not.  Always know your friend’s information so you can catch if a message or e-mail is fake or real.  Also, never be afraid to contact a friend and ask if they did e-mail or message you if you have suspicions.

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  1. Use caution when clicking on a link someone messaged you on a social site

There are so many links in the internet world that some of them aren’t even real and may lead you into a trap.  One click could open your computer up to a hacker.  To avoid falling into the trap when messaged treat the link like you would if you got it through an email.  

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  1. Try to be careful when using social media sites at work

The internet that your office uses may not be as secure as your home internet so when using social media sites your information may be up for grabs because a hacker may know the internet is not as secure.  Also when using social sites you may be opening up your office internet to risks because unwanted software can at times make its way through the site and onto the computers.

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When using social media sites be aware of your information.  Protecting yourself is key!  If you feel you need more information about the topic feel free to contact us, Suit Social Media, at (727) 410-6290 or get our information from our website, http://suitsocialmedia.com. I hope these 5 tips have been helpful, as well as make you feel more in control of your information.   


Chris Brodhead

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