The Duties of a Marketing Manager

The Duties of a Marketing Manager

Are you interested in working in marketing and making your way to a manager position but you are not sure of the responsibilities you will have to take head on?  Don’t you worry!  This blog is going to to help you better understand the duties of a marketing manager!

Marketing managers perform and maintain many responsibilities aimed at developing the short and long term strategies of his employees.  You will be in constant contact with all the different firms within the company to make sure the marketing processes are being done correctly.  These different firms are research and development, supply chain, sales, and manufacturing.  

To understand the duties of a marketing manager you must know the primary responsibilities.  I will name a couple below.


Brand Development

Brand Managers perform marketing research for a brand and gather relevant data about where a product will fit in the market.  This research includes asking people where they think the product should go in the market, polling demographics, and understanding and discovering the demand for the product.

To increase the brand’s value the marketing manager uses the extensive research to develop goals that will help lift the brand’s image.  Throughout the brand lifetime, you will report to higher level associates about how the strategies are working, how to reach more of an audience, and how the sales are going.

Group of Business People Discussing About Brand


Public Relations

Since marketing managers have to understand how the public will react to a brand’s product they have to do some of their own Public Relations to keep things on track.  They talk with the public about the good and the bad and they publicize the product to spike sales.  If anything happens that leads to a crisis, the marketing manager must perform some damage control to try and change the negative opinion of the public.  

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Being a Marketing Manager can be a stressful job!  Especially if sales are not working in the favor of the brand’s product, but earning $60,000-$80,000 a year isn’t bad!  
I hope this small blog has helped you understand the duties of a marketing manager better!  

Chris Brodhead

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