The Future of Digital Advertising: Digital Rebirth and Concentration.

The Future of Digital Advertising: Digital Rebirth and Concentration.

In the advertising world, some say that the death of digital advertising is close at hand. They say that those who have learned digital advertising should be weary because digital advertising as a career is dying out. Why do they believe this career is dying out? Well, digital advertisers are being asked to put more on their plate and concentrate on more than just “one size fits all” type of advertising. They are being told to bring in “old school” techniques and concentrate on more of an individual reach. Though, does concentrating on achieving an individual reach and not a “one size fits all” reach mean the death of digital advertising?  No.

To keep digital advertising alive, advertisers need to focus their efforts on which platforms work best in reaching audiences today, which would be mobile platforms. Smartphones have taken the world by storm!  According to smsglobal, there are about 2 billion smartphone users worldwide.  That’s a huge audience pool for those in digital advertising! Now, in order to reach an audience through smartphones, digital advertisers need to concentrate on these three techniques.


  • Video Is Power!


Smartphones and videos go hand in hand so when trying to reach the right target audience moving videos from desktop to mobile is the best strategy to gain attention.  Most advertisers know that when spending money on a video ad they need to format that ad to reach mobile users because videos give the opportunity for companies to tell a rich story to make sure attention is drawn to their brand.  By 2017, mobile will have doubled in use compared to the use of desktops!
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  • Embrace Mobile Screens!


As mentioned above in Video Is Power, formatting video ads to fit on a mobile screen is key in reaching an audience, but not just video ads need to be formatted.  Banner, Native, and Interstitial ads need to be created and formatted in their right sizes so that the audience pays attention to the ad and not to how the ad looks offs.  Digital Advertisers who understand these types of ads and how they reach an audience can really bring in a large number of viewers!  


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  • Retarget To Form An Ongoing Relationship!


Forming on ongoing relationship with consumers can be key in keeping a brand alive, which means maintaining that relationship is even more important!  In order to retain proper retargeting, certain tools needs to be used to understand the intent of the consumers purchase, their behavior and demographic factors, and their location of the purchase.  Here are some helpful tools:

AdRoll Retargeting

Rubicon Project

Perfect Audience

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Keeping older customers is much less expensive than trying to bring in new customers.  Retargeting and focusing your aim will bring in high results.


Digital Advertising may not be at its peak anymore, but that does not mean that it cannot make a splash with audiences, individual or bulk!  


Chris Brodhead

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