How Social Networks plan to take over Online Shopping.

Subtly over the past year Google, and the major social networks Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter have begun testing out a new feature that allows you to buy products/services directly from their sites. You may have noticed a new clickable “Buy” button attached to Facebook posts, Tweets, or Pinned posts lately. That’s because these social media giants are constantly improving their networks, integrating new ideas and technologies that transform their social platforms into one-stop shops for consumers. These social networks already allow businesses.

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How much to spend on Facebook Ads?

Running a Facebook ads or any social ads campaign can quickly tear a hole in your pocket. But even with a small budget, you can maximize your Facebook ad results. Once you’ve clearly defined your business, begin examining your priorities. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to move people to your website? Maybe just increase engagement overall? Promote your Facebook page? The more objectives you have, the more it’ll bend your budget. Luckily we have a few tips for you. First,.

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