How Optimizing Photos on Social Media Tripled My Post Reach

5 hacks for optimizing your pictures on social media Most social networks are so user friendly, you’d think posting any ol’ photo would give you the same level of reach and engagement as any other photo, right? Oh my gosh no!     As a content creator myself I was always curious why certain posts received significantly higher reach percentages than others. I was managing a 13,000+ Client Fan Page and noticed that some posts would say “245 people reached” when others.

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Searching For Jobs in the 21st Century

Online video chat platforms, social media, and online CVs are being used more than ever by businesses to recruit and interview job candidates. The once popular informational phone interview tactic is quickly becoming extinct in the developing business world as a direct result of businesses conducting interviews via Skype, Google Hangouts, or other video chat platforms.   It seems the days of Social Media being frowned upon by employers are over. Employers WANT to see you using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Etc..

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How Social Networks plan to take over Online Shopping.

Subtly over the past year Google, and the major social networks Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter have begun testing out a new feature that allows you to buy products/services directly from their sites. You may have noticed a new clickable “Buy” button attached to Facebook posts, Tweets, or Pinned posts lately. That’s because these social media giants are constantly improving their networks, integrating new ideas and technologies that transform their social platforms into one-stop shops for consumers. These social networks already allow businesses.

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