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The Power of Wifi in Automobiles

This past week I decided to take a break from my busy life in Chicago and go and visit my father, step-mother, and two step-brothers in Ripon, California.  I am having such a good time that they suggested we all go to Yosemite Saturday morning to wrap up the good trip. I am to leave the next day, Sunday, so naturally I was very excited to do something out of the way and fun with the whole family!  I soon realized though.

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The Proper Business Tool For Your Business!

Many successful business owners have reached high levels of success because they use and understand one crucial tool!  The Ps of the marketing mix! Understanding the Ps can, at certain times in the business world, make or break if a product will be sold or not. Some marketing experts out in the marketing world will tell a business to concentrate on the first 4Ps of the mix: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place, which sides heavily on the products a business is selling..

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