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Six Important SEO Tips For Your Website

Search Engine Optimization.  Three very important words in today’s busy online society! Why is this? Because obtaining traffic and maximizing the amount of traffic to your website is essential if you want to make a splash and gain attention to your business. How do you make a splash and gain attention?  Well, we here at Suit Social Media have the answers! Below are six quick and relevant tips that will help you understand how to increase traffic to your website and ensure.

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5 Reasons Why Blogging is TOO Important to Ignore

(Image from You may be asking yourself “why do I even need to blog? I’m not trying to be some internet marketing guru.” Well we’re here to show you that becoming a “guru” is not necessary and developing small blogging habits can have drastic increases in your business’s revenue.   First and foremost, what is a blog?   A blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically run by an individual or small group, written in an informal or.

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